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Switch Toggle, 1/2" Diameter Mounting Hole, Early Electrical Panels

Part #: D2344

This switch replaces both metal and plastic versions found on early electrical panels. The metal toggle and threaded body is particularly desirable when installed in a boat whose panel is mounted low, near the cabin sole.

If the entire panel is looking questionable, consider replacing it with our new upgrade. It eliminates the fuses through the use of circuit breakers and provides additional circuits to accommodate the electrical devices common on today's boats.

• Mounting stud: 15/32-32 thread x 3/8" long
• Body: 1" long x 5/8" wide
• Depth: 17/32" (15/16" including threads, ~1-1/2" including toggle)
• Maximum panel thickness: 5/16"
• Rating: 10A @ 12v
• Silver contacts
• Leads: 6" long