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Engine Instrument Seaward Panel Faceplate Only Universal

Part #: Z3395

Replacement face plate only for an engine instrument panel that has been weathered by age and exposure to the marine environment. The labels on our white plastic face plate are created by machining through the top white layer into a black layer below. Since nothing is silkscreened onto the surface, the markings will not fade over time. And since there is no metallic surface, it won't corrode in salt air either.

This is our Catalina Direct replacement face plate only that does not include instruments, indicator lights, breakers, buzzers, or any other electrical components. You will need to remove your old engine panel from the mounting position, and transfer old gauges, wires, and other components to the new face plate.

Our new face plate is able to accept upgrades featured on 1996 and later Seaward engine panels. Convenient circuit breaker protection for the blower and instruments, audible alarm for both low oil pressure and high water temperature, and warning lights that inform you why there is an audible alarm are examples of these added features. See the related items below for individual panel components you may need if you are adding these new features to an earlier boat.

• Height: 5-5/8"
• Width: 13-1/2"
• White with black lettering



There are dozens of different engine panels that have very subtle differences. For example, sometimes the difference is only 1/4" in overall dimensions or there may be a single change in the devices fitted to the panel. Always measure and compare both features and dimensions to your existing panel to ensure this item will meet your requirements before ordering.Caution! Only use warm soapy water, no degreasers or harsh chemical cleaners, to clean the plastic panels.



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