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LED Light Fixture Replaces Florescent

Part #: Z2726
This LED bar replaces the florescent fixture often found in the galley, occasionally in the head and other locations. The fixture has an extremely slim profile (less than 3/4" thick at its thickest point).

5 year manufacture warranty
This fixture is equipped with a three position switch; On, Off, and Remote. It can be wired to function like the dome light in you car. Wired to a button switch, it will turn on when a cabinet door is opened. Wired to a remote switch, it can be activated from a switch near the companionway, for example. If you don't need to use the remote switch function, just tape off the unused wire with electrical tape for safety.
• Length: 14" ( ~ 358 mm)
• Width: 3.66" (~ 92 mm)
• Thick: .75" ( ~ 19 mm)

• Voltage: 12.8V
• Lumens: 150
• Approximate power consumption: .35 amps
• Color temperature: 5500k
LED's by definition will only allow current to flow in one direction. As a result, if you hook them up backwards they don't work. Apply power with the polarity correct and they magically work again. The circuitry in some fixtures work around this feature of an LED, but most don't.

To install this fixture in your Catalina:
• Attach the green wire on the fixture to the black wire (ground) in the boat.
• Attach the black wire on the fixture to positive power on the boat, i.e. other, non black wire that was attached to the old fixture. The second wire in the boat could be any number of a variety of colors depending upon the model and vintage of your boat.
• If you would like to install an auxiliary switch, for example to cause the light to illuminate when you open a cabinet door, connect the switched, positive power supply to the white wire on the fixture.