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Cabin Light Round Plastic w/Red & White LEDs

Part #: D2183
Our new LED light replaces the round cabin lights used on many early Catalinas. They use a miniscule 0.04 amps compared to a full 1.0 amp for the incandescent fixture. No, they are not quite as bright as the incandescent light but they are perfectly adequate for most uses.
This is the exact same fixture from the same mold as is currently used on the Catalina 22, Catalina 22 Sport, Catalina 250, and in the head compartment on most late model Catalinas regardless of size. We've just replaced the traditional incandescent bulbs used by Catalina with energy efficient LED's. This fixture mounts with two screws, so the mounting hole pattern is different than the older square fixtures.

This fixture has both white LED's and red LED's to protect your night vision. A three position switch allows you to select either red or white light.

Test your lights before completing the installation. LEDs are polarity sensitive. If a light doesn't light up, switch the two wires to correct the polarity and this will cure the problem.
• Diameter: 5-1/2"
• Thickness: 1-1/4"
I installed four of these in my own boat. I'm delighted with the results. They draw much less power than the original fixtures, were easy to install, and are very economically priced. I also love that they feature white light for when not underway, and red light for when you need to preserve your night vision. If you love night sailing as much as I do, that feature is so nice to have. While there are other, brighter lights, they consume more power, and I've found these to be bright enough to read by. I love these lights!

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