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Cabin Light White Plastic Swivel Eyeball LED

Part #: Z2772
Our LED replacement lamp is an exact match to the lights used in many newer Catalinas. But it uses an LED lamp for much lower power consumption than the standard Xenon bulb. It is typically found mounted in a pocket molded into the liner as shown.
To make this fixture dimmable: see the module offered below: LED Replacement Module 3-Way
• Overall diameter measured across the mounting holes: 93mm (about 3-3/4")
• Total width including switch boss: 110 mm (about 4-3/8")
• Bulb type: Wafer style back pin LED bulb
• Voltage: 12v
• Lumens: 170
• Approximate power consumption: 2w ( ~ .17 amps)
• Approximate incandescent equivalent: 11W ( ~ .92 amps)
• Diameter: 1.18"

This LED is bi-directional, meaning that it is not polarity sensitive.