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Navigation Table Chart Light

Part #: Z2587
This is the original equipment chart light used at the navigation station on Catalinas from the Catalina 27 through and including the Catalina 42. It originally used a halogen bulb but is now equipped with a longer lasting xenon bulb. It is supplied with two lenses, one red and one white.

I recall delivering boats in the mid '80's that used this light at the nav station. But I've spent several hours attempting to determine the exact year Catalina began purchasing these lights to no avail. The computer inventory system at Catalina yachts only goes back a few years.

Hella, even with a sophisticated SAP inventory system consolidating their world wide inventory from over 40 manufacturing facilities, couldn't tell me much. Their records show Catalina was using this light as early as 2003... Not too useful as I know they were used much earlier than that. Hella says they have been building this same fixture for at least 25 years. That means production would have started before 1985 counting back from today's date. So if you check the photo carefully against the part in your boat, you should be able to confirm it's original. If it looks identical, it is the same part. No other light has the same look to the mounting base or the lamp head.
• Overall: 60 cm (23-5/8")
• Flexible stalk: 50 cm (19-11/16")
• Mounting hole spacing, center to center: 2-1/2 cm (1")
• Fixture w/ white lens
• Red lens
• Mounting screws
• Xenon bulb (you can add part Z4736 shown below if you want to convert it to an LED)