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Bulb Interior Incandescent Most Early Model Cabin Lights

Part #: Z2013

You may have discovered that your early plastic fixtures have been "cooked" by the heat of the light bulb. This replacement bulb is not as bright as the original bulb in the square plastic light fixture, but it won't cook the plastic lens like the original bulb was prone to do.

Sold per pair
• Nickel plated base avoids corrosion
• Lower power (and heat) avoids cooking the fixture
• Voltage: 12
• Original equipment amps: 1.44
• This replacement amps: 1.04
• Original equipment watts: 18.04
• This replacement watts: 13.3
• Original equipment lumens: 264
• This replacement lumens: 188
• Color temperature: 2700K
This bulb is too dim to be effective. Please see the the soft white LED replacement bulb in "May we also suggest" segment below.