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LED Upgrade Interior Light Early Single Contact Base

Part #: Z4497
This LED silicon encapsulated module replaces the original incandescent bulb used in early interior light fixtures that have the single contact, non-offset base.
• Bulb type: Single contact base with non-indexed (non-offset) pins
• Voltage: 10-30VDC
• Lumens: 190
• Kelvin: 2700; creating a soft white light
• Approximate power consumption: 2.5W ( ~ .22 amps)
• Approximate power consumption for an incandescent bulb of similar brightness: 30W ( ~ 1.25 amps)
• Base diameter: 15mm ( ~ .6")
• Overall diameter: 20mm ( ~ .5")
• Overall height: 57.5mm ( ~ 1.8")

This LED is bi-directional, meaning that it is not polarity sensitive.
This module has an LED on the bottom making it suitable for use in a reading light fixture as well as in a general purpose lighting fixture.