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LED Upgrade for 2 pin Halogen Bulbs 197 Lumen

Part #: Z2813


LED replacement module for the swivel type interior light fixture. This LED module has 10 "warm white" LEDs, so light output is great, and is more than sufficient to read by. Being an LED, it also draws significantly less power than a halogen bulb with much less heat as well.


Installation is simple: Just plug it in and turn it on (If it doesn't light up, simply switch the direction you plugged it in, as LEDs only pass current in one direction).


• Overall diameter: 1.18"
• Pin diameter: 0.028"
• Bulb type: Wafer style back pin LED bulb
• Voltage: 12v
• Lumens: 197
• Approximate power consumption: 1.7w ( ~ .17 amps)
• Approximate incandescent equivalent: 11W ( ~ .92 amps)
• Diameter: 1.18"


Before 1999, the manufacturer supplied the White Plastic Swivel Eyeball fixture with a 20 watt halogen bulb. Some customers have reported that the higher wattage bulb in their fixtures have a larger diameter (0.06") pin. If your older fixture uses these bulbs, this replacement module won't fit. Given that the 20 watt bulb was so hot that it often damaged the fixture, we suggest replacing the entire fixture with our LED version offered below under "May we also suggest."