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LED Upgrade Navigation Aqua Signal Red Green

Part #: Z2508
The .09 amp red and green capsule replaces the .84 amp incandescent bulb in all Aqua Signal red and green series 25 lights. Note that this a replacement bulb only.

These fixtures were typically used 1982 through 1998 and mounted to the bow pulpit. They may be retrofitted to any boat by using our number Z1235 navigation light and number Z3868 bracket to mount it to the pulpit.

The .09 amp white capsule (#Z2038) may be used in
Aqua Signal or Hella brand lights at the stern, masthead anchor, or steaming light used 1982 through the present on boats under 12 meters.

For you trailer sailors... Who may be tired of lugging your batteries ashore for recharging:

Our new LED navigation light replacement elements use far less power than a conventional incandescent bulb without sacrificing all important visibility to other vessels. Even though boats up to 39 feet only require 1 Nautical Mile of visibility, the new LED is visible for up 2 Nautical Miles, providing an extra margin of safety.

Here is an example of the difference our LED replacement capsules make. A typical Group 24 battery stores 75 amps, half of which (or 37.5 amps) is available for use.
Let's say you start the season with a fully charged battery. You sail four hours in the evening and have two Aqua Signal navigation lights. You don't use any other lights. Each light draws .84 amps so .84 X 2 = 1.68 amps X 4 hours = 6.72 amp hours per evening. Divide battery capacity of 37.5 amps by 6.72 = 5.58. In other words, your battery will be discharged enough to begin to damage itself half way through your 6th evening sail.
Compare those numbers to our LED retrofit capsules... One red/green (.09) plus one white (.09) = .18 amps X 4 hours = .72 amps hours per evening. 37.5 amps in the battery / .72 = 52.08. With LED navigation lights you can sail 52 evenings without damaging the battery. For most of us that's an entire season!


• Nickle plated brass contacts for corrosion resistance in the marine environment.
• Zero RF emission will not interfere with your VHF radio.
• Circuit boards are sealed in a capsule for moisture and environmental protection.
• U-clips are now included to ease installation in the newer style Aqua Signal series 25 bow lights that use convex bulb tips
• May be used to replace the incandescent bulb in our part number Z1235

• Bulb type: 39-44mm festoon LED bulb
• Voltage: 12v
• Lumens: 90
• Approximate power consumption: 1.5w (~.12 amps)
• Approximate incandescent equivalent: 15W (~.83 amps)
• Height: 44mm (~ 1.73")
• Diameter: 32mm (~ 1.26")

This LED is bi-directional, meaning that it is not polarity sensitive, but it does have a definite orientation requirement. Make certain that the red LED elements are behind the red (port) half of the lens, and the green LED elements are behind the green (starboard) half of the lens.

1) The bi-color red/green LED retrofit will NOT work in a Hella fixture typically used 1999 and later. You will need to replace the Hella fixture with the AquaSignal #Z1235 pictured below in order to use the LED capsule.

2) Although even the red and green capsule has the 2 nm visibility required for boats over 40', they are not designed to fit into the Aqua Signal series 40 fixtures. These fixtures were used on the Catalina 42 and other boats over the 12 meter (39.4') limit.

3) This light is now USCG approved for use in Aqua Signal brand Bow light fixtures

4) In June of 2010 Aqua Signal instituted a running change in their factory. The design of the bulbs and the electrical contacts inside of their series 25 lights that these capsules are designed to fit changed. Before that date, the bulbs had a dimple in each end and the contact had a protrusion that fit into the dimple. After the change, the bulbs are pointed on the ends and the contacts in the fixture have a dimple, just the reverse of the earlier design. With slight modification to the fixture, these capsules will fit either design. See "More images" below for additional information.

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Replacement Navigation Light Bulbs
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