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Engine Instrument Panel Clear Plexiglass Cover

Part #: K1792

This clear cover protects your engine instruments from the weather.

Catalina Yachts reports all covers are the same dimensions regardless of the boat model or year, but you should your requirements before ordering. The dimensions in the top right corner are the distance from the edge of the cover to the center of the screw hole.
Your boat might be different.

1) Some Catalina 28 and Catalina 30 owners have reported that their covers have one or more notches cut out of the lower edge for the key and / or the stop handle. If your cover has a notch in it, you have two choices:

a) Modify this cover with a sanding bit on a Dremel tool. Use a slow speed and work carefully to create the shape of notch you need or...

b) Find a local plastics supplier that is willing to create a custom one-off cover using your old cover as a template.

2) Given all Catalinas are hand built, it is not surprising when we find an occasional installation where dimensions on a boat in the filed don't match expectations. It is important to check your boat before ordering:

a) A small percentage of customers report their cover is not 5" x 15". In that case, you may have to make a custom cover.

b) Rare reports from customers indicate the screw holes in their fiberglass engine panel tray do not match the holes in this part. In that case, order a small kit of Marine Tex (see "May we also suggest" below). Fill the old holes in the fiberglass, allow to cure, then re-drill the holes to match the standard hole pattern in the new cover.