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Opening Port Gasket Kit, Lewmar "New Std"

Part #: Z3713
This gasket kit is for Lewmar aluminum framed opening portlights. The new standard ports secure closed with two dogs which close by pushing them toward the lens with your thumbs.

Order one kit per portlight.
This kit works for any Lewmar New Standard portlights with aluminum frames, including Size 1RE (round end) and Size 7RE port lights that were factory original equipment Catalinas.

These sizes were used on several Catalina models over the years: (overall dimensions are the frame measurements on the outside of the boat)
• Size 1RE -- Lens ~5-1/4" x 12-3/16", Overall: 191mm 367mm (about 7-1/2" x 14-7/16")
    (2 ea) on Capri 26, Catalina 270, Catalina 28, Catalina 28, & Catalina 42
    (4 ea) on Catalina 30, Catalina 320, & Catalina 36
    (6 ea) on Catalina 34

• Size 7RE -- Lens ~5-1/2" x 14-1/2", Overall: 191mm x 425mm (about 7-11/16" x 16-3/4")
    (6 ea) on Catalina 400 & Catalina 42
    (8 ea) on Catalina 385 & Catalina 445
    (9 ea) on Catalina 440
   (10 ea) on Catalina 470

Although the dates these portlights were used by Catalina on each model were not recorded, we do know that Lewmar produced the New standard in March 1999. They are still in production as of this writing (March 2015). In April of 2006 Catalina changed all opening ports on boats built in Florida plant (with the exception of the Catalina 309) to ports built with a
stainless steel frame (which uses a different gasket).

See "More Images:" below for photo of the New Standard style portlight to ensure this kit is correct for your boat.

1) Read "Lewmar New Standard Portlight Gasket Installation Instructions" linked below before ordering this gasket. Pay special attention to the text in red on the third page of the instructions.

2) This gasket is a revision of the original "New Standard" gasket. It was introduced sometime during Lewmar's 2008 production to improve seal performance. If your port was manufactured before 2009, the replacement gasket we ship to you will look different than your original gasket. This is the only shape gasket Lewmar offers for the "New Standard" ports. The old profile is no longer available.

3) It is important that the new gasket be installed in the proper orientation. The "L" shape tab that is extruded into the rubber be inserted to match the "L" shape of the aluminum frame. Take a look at the illustrated drawing found under the link "Lewmar New Standard Portlight Gasket Installation Instructions" displayed below.

4) Kit includes a length of gasket that is trimmed to fit the specific portlight on which it is being installed along with the glue to glue the finished ends together.
Lewmar New Standard Size 1RE, 7RE, 1, 2, 3