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Opening Port Gasket Kit
Lewmar "Old Std"

Part #: Z3712

Due to a break in the supply chain, this product is currently unavailable.

This gasket kit is for Lewmar aluminum framed opening portlights. The lens in these portlights have no frame surrounding the lens. The ports secure closed with two dogs which rotate open and closed like turning a key in a lock.

Order one kit per portlight.
This kit works for Lewmar Old Standard Size 0, Size 1, Size 2, and Size 3 portlights.

These sizes were used on several Catalina models over the years (overall dimensions are the frame measurements on the outside of the boat):

• Size 0 Port
   Lens: ~ 4.6" x 10.4"
   Overall: 176 mm x 323 mm (about 6-15/16" x 12-3/4")

  Used on:
    Catalina 27
    Capri 26
    Catalina 28
    Catalina 42

• Size 1 Port
   Lens: ~ 5" x 12"
   Overall: ~ 7-1/2" x 14-1/2"

  Used on:
    (2 ea) on Capri 26, Catalina 270, 27, 28, & 42
    (4 ea) on Catalina 30, 36 (late), 38
    (6 ea) on Catalina 36 (early)
    (7 ea) on Catalina 320
    (8 ea) on Catalina 34

• Size 3 Port
   Lens: ~ 5-1/4" x 15-1/4"
   Overall: 191 mm x 449 mm (~ 7.5" x 17-11/16")

  Used on:
    (6 ea) on Catalina 42

The dates these portlights were used by Catalina on each model were not recorded. We know that Lewmar produced the Old Standard portlights from 1982 through 1999.

Refer to the additional images at the left for a photo of the Old Standard style portlight to ensure this kit is correct for your boat.
1) Don't assume your boat uses these portlights based only on the year of your boat. Catalina might have had a different brand of portlight on the shelf which they used until their supply was exhausted at a later date than the manufacture date indicated.

2) Kit includes a length of gasket that is trimmed to fit the specific portlight on which it is being installed along with the glue to glue the finished ends together.

3) Careful attention must be paid to how the gasket is installed in the frame. There is a definite cotrect orientation as the gasket has a high density and a low density side.