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Keel Bolt Maintenance Kit C-28, C-30, C-34, C-36, C-38

Part #: K2024
Includes nuts and washers, both in type 316 stainless steel. This stainless alloy is more corrosion resistant than the standard type 304 stainless fasteners that were used in the original boat. We also include a special formulation of LocTite that no longer requires a primer when both mating surfaces are stainless steel as was necessary in the past.
• Freeze Off penetrating lubricant to loosen existing nuts. Specially formulated to dissolve rust and corrosion.
• Stainless steel brush wheel. Use with hand drill remove rust from keel bolts.
• Rethreading die, 3/4"-10. Uses 1-7/16" socket, not included.
• MareLube TEF to prevent seizing, galling, and corrosion of new nuts. Coat washers before installing and coat nuts and exposed threads once installation is complete.
• LocTite to prevent the nuts from backing off and from seizing over time.

Boats that used 3/4" keel bolts (and quantity if known):
• Catalina 28 (6)
• Catalina 30 (8)
• Catalina 34 (9)
• Catalina 36 (10) (some boats reportedly used 1/2" bolts forward, some used 5/8")
• Catalina 38

LocTite prevents the nuts from backing off. But perhaps what is more important, they will also prevent the nut from seizing to the stud over time. In spite of the LocTite, we replace our keel nuts every few years to ensure they
don't seize to the studs.
• Thread size: 3/4"-10
• ID of washer: 3/4"
• OD of washer: 1-7/8"
1) Loctite's new formula no longer requires a primer when used on non ferrous metals like the old formula did. By eliminating the primer we were able to lower the price of our fastener kit for you.

2) Since this is classified as a hazardous material, it can only be shipped via UPS ground to the continental US and Canada. It cannot be shipped to foreign addresses, Hawaii or Alaska.

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