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Creeping Crack Cure

Part #: Z4375
Finds and Fixes Leaks

Some of the most common uses for leaking windows, portlights, decks, cabin tops, dog houses, centerboard castings and around all deck fittings.

Some owners report success using Creeping Crack Cure to seal a leak at the hull and deck joint where a severe blow has cracked the bond between the two. You must remove the aluminum rubrail to gain access to the hull/deck joint.
• Finds and Fixes Leaks
• Seals Hairline Cracks
• No Dismantling Required
• Saves Time and Effort
• Wood
• Rubber
• Glass
• Metals
• Glass Fibre
• Some Rigid Plastics
• Ceramics
• Concrete
• Brickwork
• Old Sealant
Avoid direct contact with skin. (If contact does occur wash skin with soap and water.)