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Part #: Z4627
A dehumidifier that is both economical and effective is a very good way to deal with the mold and mildew of the marine environment. Capable of operating in any damp, enclosed space 24 hours a day. The damp air is heated to the point moisture is held in suspension (above dew point), then released through the top vents of the device. As warmed air rises, cooler damp air is drawn in, where it too is heated. The thermal cutoff feature turns the dehumidifier off should the air flow be interfered with.

Note: This device is unplugged when you arrive, not used as a space heater to increase comfort while aboard. It is typically used only while away from the boat.
• Diameter: about 13.5"
• Height: about 4.25"
Handles up to 1000 cubic feat of living space
• No switch, fan or thermostat to break down or cause sparks
• Safe to the touch
• Low operating cost as it is constantly on
• Thermal cut off for safety
• No devices to cause sparking which makes it safe for marine use.
• Only draws 1.1 amps, 130 watts
• Plug is fitted for 110/220 volt outlet
To prevent fire or damage to the unit, do not block vent holes.
• Keep out of water to protect against electrical shock.
• Do not touch hot surfaces.
• Unplug and allow to cool before cleaning or storing
• Do not place on or near a hot gas or electric burner or in an oven.

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