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Hairline Fix White

Part #: Z3694
Seal and color stress cracks fast with no sanding, no mixing, no odor. MagicEzy Hairline Fix is a colored one part, nano sealant that fills and seals damage at both structural and cosmetic level easily.

Of the 11 colors offered by the manufacturer, the snow white we offer is the best match to your Catalina. The color of your boat has changed over time, more in some places than others. But the snow white will be very close and gel coat cracks are so narrow that the repair will be barely visible.

• Fixes and colors in one application
• Penetrates deeply into very fine cracks
• Helps prevent cracks from spreading
• Rubber like flexibility for long-lasting repairs
• Perfect for gel coat crazing, hairline cracks, nonskid deck areas, and fine scratches
• Use it on fiberglass gel coat, wood, ceramic, plastic or aluminum (primer required for plastic or aluminum)

Product suitability:
• Water resistant - use on surfaces above the water line
• Interior / exterior use
• Can be drilled and sanded
• Water soluble - easy water clean up
• Can be painted with water-based paint
• Do not use below 50° F/ 10° C

Sold in 0.43 fl oz tube with built in applicator and in Snow White color.

In our experience, even Hairline Fix has a limit as to the minimum width of crack it will penetrate. If the crack is only one or two thousandths of an inch wide, even this product wont fill it. But for the majority or cracks it works great.