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Multi-Bit Driver With Seven 1/4" Bits

Part #: Z4827
Marinized screw driver with seven removable 3" long 1/4" drive bits. The Electroless Nickel Plated bits resist corrosion in the marine environment. All seven bits are precision-machined and hardened to stand up to heavy use.

This is the original tool. Manufactured by the Canadian company that invented it. Check any of the others you see. They will likely be a Chinese knockoff and will work as well and as long as you might expect.
The aircraft alloy shank has a 7/16" hex bolster. When you encounter a particularly stubborn fastener, use a 7/16" wrench for extra torque. Bits are magnetically held in place while in use.
We learned about this driver when my brother, Lee, attended the Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building in 2002. It was on their list of approved professional grade tools. For years I have seen it at work and used it myself on various projects and never thought much about it. Sixteen years later, while working on another project together (and chatting about boats, of course) Lee said "You guys should carry this screwdriver. It's one of the best tool purchases I’ve ever made". He pointed out how long he had it and how many boats had been built and repaired with it. I finally took notice. "I’ve never even replaced a bit" he said.

In addition to one on our boat, I have another driver in the small tool kit that I take along wherever we charter a boat.

We put our name on the handle as our "seal of approval" that it is the best of it's kind.

Capri 22
Steamboat Willie
Owner, Catalina Direct
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