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Deck Pipe Cap Diesel, Stainless Steel

Part #: Z4071
Stainless Replacement for your Original Plastic Deck Pipe Caps.

The original plastic caps had two issues:
• There were made in Sweden at a latitude similar to Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. Used in those latitudes they last for years. But use them in lower latitudes and the UV of the sun wreaks havoc on them.
• After a few years, the plastic can develop cracks in the bottom of the winch handle socket that funnels water directly into the fuel tank.
Catalina Direct has the solution.
We now offer a direct screw-in replacement for your original plastic caps.
• Custom cast in type 316 stainless steel for increased corrosion resistance.
• Direct screw-in replacement for the original.
• No need to tear into interior cabinetry to gain access to replace the original deck pipe.
• Bold, cast-in labels to help avoid having someone put water in the fuel tank.
• Stainless steel safety chain to prevent loss
• For convenience we even provide a connector to attach the new chain to the existing chain inside of your deck pipe.

If the caps on your boat completely cover the bronze deck pipe flange and use the winch handle as the wrench, these are the correct replacements.

Threaded portions of cap that threads into pipe is 1-13/16" OD, overall width is 3-3/8" OD.
1) Price is for a single cap only... no deck pipe or key.

2) Due to differences in thread pitch this cap is not interchangeable with other designs. It is a suitable replacement only for the plastic caps that were of the same design that covered the entire deck pipe flange and included a recess that provides for the use of a winch handle as the wrench.
I was very pleased to learn that we were going to invest in the tooling to make a more environmentally sound replacement option for the original deck pipe caps that are notorious for splitting and cracking when any standing water froze within them.

Especially important for the diesel fill caps as a failure in them leads to fuel contamination and other possible headaches.

A must have upgrade for boats built in the 80’s with the winch handle style deck fill caps.

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