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Deck Pipe Water Stainless Steel with Key

Part #: Z4499
This deck pipe and cap assembly along with the key are made entirely of heavy cast stainless steel. The exterior surfaces are polished to a mirror finish. There is no plastic to deteriorate in the sun. Labeled for water.

• Hose barb: For 1-1/2" Diameter hose.
• Deck flange outside diameter: 3"
• Fasteners: Three #10 flat or oval head.
• Maximum deck mounting hole diameter: 1-7/8" (If the hole is larger, the mounting screws will not have sufficient deck to fasten to)

If you live in southern latitudes where the harsh sun deteriorates your original plastic deck pipe caps in a few years, you may want to replace the entire deck pipe assembly with this all stainless version.

The mounting holes will not align with the original so you must rotate the pipe slightly and drill new mounting holes.