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MidShip Mooring Cleat Stainless 1-1/4" Track

Part #: Z2627
This is a very robust mooring cleat for use on 1-1/4" T track. It is investment cast in one piece from stainless steel. This helps it to develop its high 4500 pound safe working load. Use it anywhere along the track as a midship cleat for use with spring_line. For an article explaining just how useful a midship cleat can be, read article below in Technical Support The Importance of a Midship Mooring Cleat.
In addition to its high strength, it has the distinct advantage of having a large opening in the center of the cleat. You can easily pass an eye splice right through, then loop it over the ears. Adjust your mooring line. When you depart for the day, just slip the splice off the midship cleat and leave it secured to the dock. When you return, it is waiting to be quickly and properly secured again. It's just the right length without any fiddling or adjustment before you can leave the boat.

Quick and easy to adjust, simply lift the lever, slide the cleat, then release the lever and the pin drops into your selected adjustment hole in the track.

Frankly, due to their high cost, we sell fewer of these than our less expensive models shown below. But they are one important element if you want a quick, easy, and robust mooring system.

Investment cast corrosion resistant type 316 stainless steel, solid one-piece construction.

Suitable for use on any Catalina that uses 1 1/4" T track.
• Length of cleat: 7-1/2"
• Pin Size: 0.355" (~23/64")
• For line size: 5/8"
• Inside of opening for line:
    Fore and aft: 1-3/4"
    Top to bottom: 0.7"
• Length of car: 5"
1) Some newer Catalinas have inboard genoa track that is mounted in a groove so it is flush with the deck. If you want to install this car on a flush mounted track, you may have to remove the first three or four mounting bolts and raise the track out of its groove in order to slide the car onto the end of the track if you do not have the 5" of clearance needed to install this cleat.

2) Some 5 Searies Catalina Owners have reported varying stop hole diameters on their 1-1/4" genoa track. Double check your track stop hole diameters to ensure that this cleat will work on your track.

Technical Support

The Importance of a Midship Mooring Cleat
Look like an expert even when docking shorthanded.