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Rudder Washer Set C-310, C-320, C-34,
C-350, C-355, C-36, C-38, C-380, C-387, C-400, C-42, C-445

Part #: T1917
Typically used on the rudder shaft in pairs. One above the deck prevents the rudder head from wearing the fiberglass. One below the hull is installed with the beveled side down, toward the rudder. Sealant (the high strength adhesive / sealant shown below) is applied inside the bevel and helps seal the rudder shaft where it enters the rudder blade.
• Inside diameter: 2.9"
• Outside diameter: 3.6875"
• Thickness: .1875"
1) Requires Z2252 high strength adhesive for installation shown below under "May we also suggest".

2) The inside diameter is a bit larger than the rudder shaft. The stainless tubing the rudder shaft was made from will vary from its nominal size from one piece to the next. The rudder washers will fit the largest diameter tubing.

3) Boats equipped with the Rudder Bearing Assembly, item #Z2931, may or may not have used one or both of the washers in this kit. Drawings clearly show at least the bottom chamfered washer (bonded to the rudder) below the rudder bearing on the outside of the boat. Some owners report an additional washer between the top bearing retainer and the upper bearing assembly.

Be careful that installing a washer or two doesn't affect the alignment of any through bolts that pass through the rudder shaft, for example, that which secures the Radial Drive Wheel to the rudder post.

May we also suggest