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Pleated Curtain Retrofit Hardware Kit

Part #: Z2884
This kit gives you the hardware needed to install sliding curtains to cover four feet of your fixed ports. Suitable for use on the interior of any early Catalina. You will need one kit per window unless the area to be covered is 24" or less. If less than 24", one kit can be divided for use on two smaller windows. This works well on a boat that has two 18" windows forward, for example, one port and one starboard. Add fabric to match your interior for an appearance that is both traditional and tailored exactly to your taste.
The kit includes:
• 2 track sections 4' ea (one for the top and one for the bottom of the window)
• 4 end stops
• 10 snap-in track mounts
• 2 79.5" white snap tape
• 40 snap carriers
• 1 joint cover
• 10 #6 Philips screws
• Instruction sheet

For more information and to discover how easy it is to fabricate your own curtains, click on the link under "Technical Support" below.
• Overalll length: 48"
• Track width overall: 0.48"
• Overall depth from bulkhead: 0.30"
• Depth of groove: 0.22"
• Width of groove: .14:
• Connector length: 2"
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