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Dripless Shaft Seal Maintenance Kit, C-380, C-387, C-390, C-42

Part #: Z5251
Maintenance kit for the optional dripless packing kits for the Catalina 380, Catalina 387, Catalina 390, and Catalina 42s. Designed for 1-1/4" shafts with a 2-1/4" outside diameter shaft log.
• Bellow
• 2 O-rings
• 5 Set screws (See note 2 in Warnings & Notes)
• 4 hose clamps
• 1 tube of thread lock
• 1 Allen Key
1) The shaft seal bellows should be replaced in six year intervals as recommended by the manufacturer.

2) NEVER USE SET SCREWS MORE THAN ONCE! Please be sure to never use the same set screw on the shaft twice. There are two set screws in each of the two holes in the stainless steel rotor. One is tightened onto the shaft and the other is tightened onto the first to lock it in place against the shaft. The set screws are made with a cup at the base that compresses into the shaft ensuring a secure grip. This maintenance kit comes with five new set screws included. When re-installing the rotor please use new set screws. In the case that you do not have spare set screws, the set screws in the rotor need to be reversed so there is an unused cup being compressed onto the shaft.

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