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Snap Cleaner and Lubricant

Part #: Z4729

Due to a break in the supply chain, this product is curently unavailable.

A way to extend the life of your canvas products that have snaps! When your canvas covers get old, the snaps age right along with them, often making them hard to snap in to place, and even harder to unsnap. As your covers approach mid life, even sunbrella begins to weaken due to prolonged exposure to UV radiation (remember, that's its purpose). When you pull on the material to release the snaps, it can tear due to this weakening. The solution is to clean and lubricate the snaps, which significantly reduces the amount of force needed to unsnap the canvas. That's where the Snappi Canvas Snap Cleaner and Lubricant comes in.

• Cleaner & lubricant
• Special tools to clean the snaps
• Instructions

It should significantly extend the working life of your valuable canvas covers that snap into place, saving you money in the long run.