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Engine Instrument Tachometer Calibration

Part #: Z3717


This inexpensive, hand held digital tachometer is handy for use in calibrating your new engine tachometer and hour meter instrument.


When you receive a new tachometer from Catalina Direct it has always been bench tested before shipping to ensure it is in proper working order. If your engine is a Universal Diesel it is also set to the proper range based on factory specifications. If yours is a Yanmar or Perkins engine, you may need to adjust the range setting.

In all cases, for best accuracy, it is necessary to adjust the calibration potentiometer inside of the instrument (carefully) using a tiny screwdriver and a hand held tachometer for reference. We added this small hand held tachometer to our inventory for your convenience in making this final calibration.

• Large LCD display, up to 5 digits
• Wide measuring range, 2.5 to 99,999 RPM
• High resolution, 2.5 to 999.9 RPM
• Digital display gives the exact RPM, to cut out the guess work and errors
• Test Range: Automatic
• Detecting Distance: 2" to 20" with laser and 2" to 10" with LED

You can save a few dollars by ordering this tachometer on the internet. There are several different versions available at dozens of different vendors. We carry them in stock for your convenience so they can be ordered with your new tachometer and not incur two shipping charges.