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Galvanic Isolator, 30 amp

Part #: Z4879
Galvanic corrosion occurs when dissimilar metals are in contact or close proximity with a conductor like water. One metal will act as anode while the other acts as a cathode. We have well known examples of this process right on the boat where the active metal is your sacrificial zinc anode installed on the inactive steel shaft cathode. The inexpensive zinc anode will dissolve in the seawater preventing the expensive steel shaft from corrosion.
But there are other occurrences of galvanic corrosion in the very corrosive environment that our boats must contend with that you may not be aware of.

Small amounts of electric currents may move to your boat through your shore power cord, causing galvanic damage to your water heater, radio, and other electrical devices. To help prevent possible damage, a galvanic isolator is recommended.

American Boat and Yacht Council issued new recommendations to protect your electrical and Catalina began installing galvanic isolators in September 1998. We have found the comparable currently available model from the same manufacture Catalina used.

The ProSafe FS Series of FailSafe 30 and 60 Amp Galvanic Isolators will interrupt galvanic current flow with other boats at a marina when installed on a boat which is connected to AC Shore Power. This technology maintains AC safety ground and solves the most common forms of corrosion and premature zinc loss within a boats bonding system. The ProSafe FS Series is UL Certified to meet the parameters of the ABYC A-28 recommendation ProSafe FS installs easily and does not require a dedicated monitor to verify the operational status of the galvanic isolator as required by non FailSafe Certified galvanic isolators. Both the ProSafe 30 and 60 Amp models are built on robust Flat Pack Semiconductor platforms, ensuring that in the event of a failure, the failure is safe by not compromising the ground continuity on-board when connected to AC Shore Power.
• Galvanic Isolator
• Installation hardware
• Owner's manual

• ABYC A-28 July '08 Compliant and Fail Safe Certified
• Flat Pack High Power Semiconductors
• Ignition Protected
• Gold Plated Terminations
Caution: This device does not provide a status monitor following a lightning strike, this may not continue to provide galvanic isolation. Should be mounted in an area where ambient does not exceed 50° C (122° F) It it not necessary to ground the case.

Warning: Electrical shock hazard. Failure to properly install could result in serious injury or death.