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Steaming & Halogen Deck Light 82<->98

Part #: Z2019
This combination fixture includes a built in bracket to attach it to the mast. Both a steaming navigation light and a bright, effective deck light are included. Used as standard equipment from 1982 through 1998 on many Catalina models. May also be used as an upgrade to any earlier Catalina that was not originally equipped with both a steaming and deck light.
To open the housing a #1 Philips screw driver is required, not included.

Installation: Use the built in bracket. The triangular plastic "Ears" shown in the photo are flexible. Wrap them around the mast and the entire assembly attaches with only two screws.

Replacement Bulbs: The two halogen light replacement bulbs listed below have both been used, depending upon when the light was manufactured. The only way to be certain which bulb you need is to visually inspect the old bulb. Click on the replacement bulbs below for more information.
• Distance: 2 NM
• Coverage: 225°

Dimensions (overall):
• Height: 4-3/4""
• Width: 1-3/4"

    Steaming Light:
    • Type: Festoon
    • Watts: 10

    Deck Light:
    • Type: Halogen
    • Watts: 20

US Coast Guard Approved: Yes
Please note that, contrary to popular belief, there was never any lens installed in the halogen deck lamp portion of this particular fixture. Water does not come in contact with the downward pointed deck light, and a lens would only serve to trap the additional heat which halogen bulbs have a tendency to generate.