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Steaming & Halogen Deck Light 99->

Part #: Z2283
This combination fixture includes a built in bracket to attach it to the mast. Both a steaming navigation light and an bright, effective deck light are mounted using only the included bracket. Typically used beginning in 1999 on many Catalina models including the Catalina 350.
• Distance: 2 NM
• Coverage: 225°

Dimensions (overall):
• Height: 7""
• Width: 2-3/4"

    Steaming Light:
    • Type: Festoon
    • Watts: 10

    Deck Light:

    • Type: Halogen
    • Watts: 20

US Coast Guard Approved: Yes
1) Not all boats of this year range used this fixture. Some boats used #Z2019. Please confirm visually this is the fixture you need.

2) Although this Hella fixture is fine quality, the replacement halogen bulb costs about $10.00 more than the replacement bulb for the Aqua Signal fixture. For that reason, if this is a new installation on an earlier boat, we suggest the Aqua Signal fixture listed below. If you are replacing the original Hella fixture on your boat, use this Hella fixture to avoid adding more holes in your mast.