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VHF Masthead Antenna

Part #: Z2022
Our antennas have a stainless steel housing and a removable stainless steel whip. It is the only marine antenna with a lifetime warranty on the base coil and the only antenna that will work with an antenna mounted Windex. Bracket included.

• AIS Compatible
• Frequency Range 156-163 MHz (includes NOAA Weather Radio)
• Power output up to 250 watts
Don't use a higher gain powerboat antenna on your sailboat! Sailboats heel, power boats don't. Sailboat antennas are designed so the pattern of the radiated signal still sees the horizon when heeled. Powerboat antennas have a higher gain, but their radiated signal is "flattened" into a pattern that, when heeled, is projected up in the air and down into the water but not at the horizon.

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