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Shaft Zinc Anode 1-1/4" Heavy Duty

Part #: Z4017
Our zinc shaft anodes have several advantages over most zinc anodes you will find on the market.

• More metal: Standard 1-1/4" anodes weigh about 1lb 1oz. Ours weigh 1lb 12 oz. nearly 65% more zinc for a longer lifespan.
• Captive fasteners: Special washers hold the fasteners into the anode. These help prevent loss during storage or installation and are particularly helpful for a diver install.
• Cast-in stainless steel nuts for ease of installation.
• Allen head screws for greater applied torque without stripping a slotted head.
• Copper contact against the shaft provides a more certain and more permanent ground.

Typically used aboard:
• Catalina 380
• Catalina 400
• Catalina 42

For use in salt water

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