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Prop Shaft, 46" to 58", 1-1/4" for C-375, C-380, C-387, C-390, C-42

Part #: Z2810

1-1/4" diameter prop shaft commonly used on the Catalina 375, Catalina 380, Catalina 387, Catalina 390, and Catalina 42.
Our shafts are fabricated from special marine shafting chosen for high strength and corrosion resistance. It is not just generic stainless steel rod repurposed for marine use. This shaft complies with Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE) and American Boat and Yacht Council (?) standards and comes with the full nut, jam nut, keys, and cotter pin.

Please refer to the Tech Info article below Shaft and Coupling Information for details about shaft material, fabrication and "facing" the coupling the the shaft before ordering.

We highly suggest this procedure. Find it and the coupling you will need below listed under "May we also suggest".

This custom product will be made to your dimensions. Click on the Measurement Drawing in the "Technical Support" area below. Print the required drawing then email or fax the completed and signed drawing back to us.
1) All transmission couplings require proper fitting & facing to the propeller shaft to ensure concentricity. Specialized machinery and tooling are required to properly install a coupling to a shaft. It is strongly recommended this work be performed by a qualified machine shop or boat yard.

It is also mandatory that the shaft be dimpled to match the coupler set screws prior to use. These dimples prevent the shaft from pulling out of the coupler when the engine is shifted into reverse.

See "Face the Coupler to the Shaft" below for these services to be performed when a new shaft and coupler are purchased as a set.

2) This coupler is a special order item. If you would like the OEM part, which is often available for immediate shipping, see part Z2404.

4) Please note your engine and transmission information in the memo field available at check-out..

5) We will bill A 50% nonrefundable deposit to your credit card when we accept your order for this item. The balance will be billed when the product ships.

6) This is a custom made part. You provide the information we need to build this product for you. Once you order it we are going to build it just for you, just as you asked. We never want to see it again, and no one else wants it either. So be careful and order it correctly the first time because it can't be canceled, returned, or magically changed into something different!

Technical Support

Shaft & Coupling Information
Production and fitting for minimum vibration and maximum life.