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Prop Strut C-380, M-38, M-381, C-400 with Cutlass Bearing

Part #: M9045
Prop strut for the Catalina 380, Morgan 38, Morgan 381, and Catalina 400. Includes cutlass bearing. Sized for the 1-1/4" diameter shaft used on these boats.
• Barrel length: 16.5"
• Barrel width: 4.50"
• Bearing length: 5.00"
• Bearing O.D.: 2.00"
• Bearing I.D.: 1.25"
• Base length: 7.25"
• Base width: 7.50"

See the drawing in the additional photos for more information.
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Technical Support

Strut Installation Methods & Typical Modes of Failure
Catalina employed different strut designs and mounting methods over the years. This article describes those designs and methods to aid in the understanding and repair of your boat.

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