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Grab 'n Go Hook

Part #: Z3092
Ever have trouble catching a mooring ball or dock cleat? The Grab 'n Go hook mounts on the end of your boat hook and allows you to quickly and easily attach a temporary mooring line. Once the temporary line is attached, you can use it to attach a longer duration use line for overnight trips, etc. The Grab 'n Go hook can also be easily released remotely, using the included lanyard loop.
Caution: Not intended for use as a permanent mooring line.
Mooring balls are rare in San Francisco Bay. A significant exception is a popular cove on Angel Island that requires mooring to balls fore and aft. The always swirling tidal stream in this small cove demands picking up both moorings in one go. I carry two of these hooks attached to 60 ft lines. I can’t imagine a successful attempt without them.

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