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50' Roll Sheer Stripe Tape
Sapphire Blue & Turquoise

Part #: Z2885
Sapphire Blue and Turquoise Sheer stripe tape.
Since the color of the tape on your boat has changed over time due to exposure to ultraviolet light, we highly recommend replacing all of the stripe on one side of the boat. If you replace just a section of the stripe, it will call attention to any gel coat repair. Even an excellent repair will be highlighted by the brighter color of the new shear stripe.

The sheer stripe tape may be multiple stripes but it is applied as one. There are 3 layers of material for easy installation. Peel back the first layer to expose the adhesive bottom side of the stripes. Carefully place the tape to the desired area and peel back the last layer exposing the non-adhesive glossy side of the stripes.

When installing new sheer stripe tape, thoroughly clean the surface first. See the Rapid Tac Sheer Stripe Spray offered below under "May we also suggest".
Sapphire Blue: 15/16"
• Gap: 1/4"
• Turquoise: 15/16"
Total installed width: 2-1/8"
• Length: 50'
Since every computer's screen has a different color temperature, the color displayed on your screen is unlikely to match the exact color of the tape.

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