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Pedestal Steering Flat Head S.S. Mounting Bolts

Part #: Z3103
Stainless steel mounting bolts and nuts for steering pedestal. Although not shown, we now include washers as well.
Note that the port aft washer will likely have to be ground down on one side or notched due to that mounting hole's proximity to the idler wheel assembly.

This particular set is used for mounting pedestals manufactured until February 1987. After that date, Edson switched to a pedestal that accepts a hex head for ease of installation.

Includes MareLube TEF 45 to prevent dissimilar metal galvanic corrosion.

The stainless steel bolts pass through the aluminum pedestal steering base above decks as well as the cross wire idler plate mounted below decks. This connects two or three dissimilar metals together, a proven formula that will induce galvanic corrosion in the assembly.

Be sure to coat the bolts, nuts, pedestal base and cross wire idler with MareLube. If you have the older style, mild steel idler plate, consider replacing it before it fails. Upgrade to the newer aluminum idler plate shown below in "May we also suggest"

• Diameter: 1/2"
• Length: 4"
• Thread: 1/2-13