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Hasp & Eye 3" Stainless Steel

Part #: Z1112
High quality investment cast stainless steel hasp used on newer Catalinas. It features a swivel eye to secure the hatch from opening even if the lock is not in place. Much much stronger than the original hasp.
Early boats used a chrome brass hasp of marginal quality. It featured a four mounting hole pattern, but the holes were asymmetrical (by accident, not design). During the Asian financial crisis a few years back, the company that made the original hasps disappeared. The old hasps are no longer available. Since the hole pattern of the new hasp is not the same, you will need to fill the old mounting holes and re-drill. See the Marine Tex below for an appropriate filler.
• Overall length: 3"
• Overall width: 1"
• Hole spacing center to center: 5/8" X 1-7/8"
• Fastener size: #8 oval or flat head
1) These are not the the "pot metal" chromed zinc hasps you find in major catalogs. In spite of the fact we sell them for several dollars less, our stainless steel hasps are far more robust than our competitor's cast zinc hasps.

2) Since the slot in the hasp is about 3/16" longer than the eye, there is a bit of latitude in the hole spacing between the fastener holes in the eye and those in the hasp. The 1-7/8" dimension mentioned above is measured when the eye is in the mid point of the slot.

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