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Vent Solar Powered
4" Stainless Steel New

Part #: Z4379
Proper ventilation is imperative to prevent a buildup of moisture that will promote the growth of mold and mildew winter or summer. Damage to interior fabrics and electronics as well as the unpleasant odors of a musty boat are eliminated with proper ventilation. I've never had a problem with mildew in my 20 year old boat because I added a solar vent before I ever sailed it.
Especially important on smaller boats where space is at a premium, our low profile vent is unobtrusive on deck as it sits only 2-3/8" high. A fan moves 1000 cubic feet of air per hour. The solar cell runs the fan and charges a built in battery. The fan will continue to run for up to 24 hours during nights or bad weather when the sun is not available.

Features a selector switch to change fan direction. You can switch from an exhaust vent to an inlet vent, or set it on charge mode and the fan is then off. A removable insect screen is also included. The newer design also includes a small LED light that can be switched on and off as well.

Fits a standard 4-3/4" vent hole cutout in the deck which makes it compatible with Nicro vents built in the past. Outside diameter is 10". Stainless steel cover.
• 10" overall diameter
• Fits standard 4-3/4" diameter hole used to install earlier 4" snap-in NICRO vents
• Net Inside Diameter: ~ 4"
• Depth below mounting surface: about 2-5/8" (consideration if contemplating mounting in a hatch lens)

• Moves 1000 cubic feet per hour
• Stainless steel cover
• No external power or wiring required
• Rechargeable NiMH battery
• Interior and exterior trim rings hide the edge of the hole through the deck (can use only the top trim ring to mount through a hatch lens)
• Removable insect screen included
• Two year warranty
1) If you have a 3" vent and would like to install this 4" vent, here is a trick: Since there is already a hole in the deck, there is nothing for the pilot bit to drill through. Use both 3-3/4" and a 4-3/4" hole saws. Place the 4-3/4" saw on the mandrill first. Now screw on the 3-3/4" saw inside of it. The smaller saw will act as the pilot as the larger saw bores a nice, clean 4-3/4" diameter hole!

2) There is a plastic version of this vent available for about $20.00 less but we don't carry it. In our experience the white plastic housing yellows when exposed to UV light. In a year or two the vent looks old and funky. The stainless shroud on our vent covers the plastic housing and still looks new for years.

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