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Spinnaker Car, C-380, C-390, & C-42

Part #: T2027
Spinnaker car for bell type swivel fitting for the earlier Catalina 380, Catalina 390, and Catalina 42s which have a spinnaker / whisker pole track that is molded in the face of the mast as part of the extrusion. Includes vertical clevis pin, control line shackles, and two plastic bushings which snap in to isolate the car from the mast and to reduce friction.
Most masts will have one side of the track cut out near the deck to allow for mounting the car without unstepping the mast. If this cutout, approximately 5" long, is not there, you will have to cut it or unstep the mast to install spinnaker car.
• Width overall: 92mm (about 3-5/8")
• Height overall: 146mm (about 5-3/4")
• Height of bracket (main body): 108mm (about 4-1/4")
• Height between ears for swivel: 40mm (about 1-3/4")
• Clevis pin diameter: 10 mm (about 3/8")
• Clevis pin grip: 70mm (about 2-3/4")