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Gooseneck Pin & Hardware, C-320, C-34, C-36, C-380, C-42

Part #: Z4364
Mast bracket pin assembly used on the Catalina 320's non-furling and furling mast, Catalina 34 and Catalina 36 furling mast only and also the Catalina 42 non-furling masts.

• Custom machined hinge pin
• Matching tack shackle
• (2) metric stainless steel washers
• metric NyLock nut
• Stainless steel bushing for top ear of mast bracket

• Toggle Pin:
   Height: 12 cm (~ 4-3/4")
   Width: 9-1/2 cm (~ 3-3/4")
   Toggle Pin: 14 mm (~ .55")

• Stainless Bushing:
14mm ID X 22mm OD X 15mm tall

• Shackle:
   Pin diameter: 8mm
   Shackle body: 59mm X 49mm

The old pin design with the stepped diameter is no longer available. Not only was it ridiculously expensive due to the multi-step machining process, the threaded stud at the bottom was also weak and subject to failure. This new pin has a much larger diameter thread and nut and is therefore a much stronger design.

1) There are several iterations of this pin. It may be necessary to drill out the hole in the bottom ear of the mast casting as the threaded portion of this pin is larger and stronger than many of the earlier pins..

2) This kit includes only the stainless steel parts pictured above. It does not include the cast aluminum mast bracket.