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Mast Bracket Casting, Gooseneck & Boom Vang

Part #: M9091
Mast bracket casting used for the gooseneck and / or the boom vang bracket.

Includes eight pop rivets.
Used for these applications:

Gooseneck Bracket:

• Catalina 320 furling & non-furling
• Catalina 34 furling only
• Catalina 36 furling only
• Catalina 350 non furling only
• Catalina 387 non furling only
• Catalina 390 early non furling only
• Catalina 400 non furling only
• Catalina 42 Mk I non furling w/NG-80 mast
• Catalina 42 Mk II non furling (late 90's) w/F740 mast

Boom Vang Bracket:
• Catalina 387 non furling
• Catalina 400 w/ auto reef (until 12/22/2004)*
• Catalina 42 Mk II non furling
• Catalina 42 Mk II furling (until 6/3/2005)*
• Catalina 470 (until 6/3/2005)*

* Note: these dates refer to the dates the spar manufacturer changed production of the mast, not the boat production date. See "Warnings and Notes" tab for more information.
See annotated drawing at left for more information. (see the warnings and notes tab)
• Height: ~119mm (approximately ~4-3/4")
• Width: ~92mm (approximately ~3-5/8")
• Toggle Pin: ~14mm (approximately ~0.55")
• Width between fasteners: ~75mm

1) The vertical hole(s) in the gray aluminum mast casting may require drilling to a larger size as different pin designs have been used over time.

2) These parts are imported from France and are no longer in routine use. The replacement parts are made in small batches (likely ~5 or 10 units). The dimensions we offer were taken directly from actual parts. But the parts vary from one part to the next. We have noticed that in each batch the holes are machined at a slightly different distance apart or not all of the slag was removed or may contain voids in the casting. I am happy to fly to France for you and supervise the production of a perfect replacement mast bracket. Obviously that would be very expensive. Lead time would also be considerable since every marine business in France is near a French wine region!

Be prepared to machine the mounting holes in the new replacement casting longer (oval) to match the holes in your mast. Do not simply drill the holes in your mast larger!

3) There is no comprehensive record of every part used on each hull Catalina built. Our information is compiled from various sources including from Catalina Yachts, other owners, and our own personal experience. All dates and applications for an individual part should be viewed with suspicion until it is confirmed by measuring the individual part.