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Spreader Boots C-34, C-36 C-380, C-400, C-42, C-440, C-470

Part #: T1979

We no longer offer this product. 


Used on both the upper and lower spreader on a Catalina 380 non-furling mast, Catalina 400, Catalina 42 MkII, non-furling mast, Catalina 42 MkII furling mast, and the Catalina 440 furling mast.

Sold by the pair.
It was also used on the upper spreaders only of the early Catalina 42 (until about 1998). The mast equipped with two different sized spreaders have spreader bases that are welded to the mast. The spreaders are secure to the welded base using only one clevis pin. See the larger T1980 boot below listed under "May we also suggest" for the lower spreader boots for the early Catalina 42.

One set is used on the Catalina 34 and Catalina 36 with in mast furling as well.

Below is a list of usage:
• (1) set per Catalina 34 MkII in mast furling rig
• (1) set per Catalin 36 MkII in mast furling rig
• (2) sets per Catalina 380 non furling rig, standard rig
• (2) sets per Catalina 400 non furling or furling rig
• (1) set per early C-400 for lower spreader only non furling rig
• (1) set per early Catalina 42 w/ Isomat NG-80 spar (for upper spreaders through ~1988)
• (2) sets per Catalina 42 MkII in mast furling rig
• (2) sets per Catalina 42 MkII non furling rig
• (2) sets per Catalina 440 in mast furling rig
• (1) set per Catalina 470 non furling rig (for upper spreaders)
• (1) set per Catalina 470 in mast furling rig (for upper spreaders)

They are not full spreader boots but should be considered the inner layer of protection to be covered with a set of leather spreader boots for ultimate protection of your sails.

Double check the dimensions below to verify these are correct for your boat.

• Length (fore and aft): Approximately 3-3/8"
• Height: 1-1/2"
• Depth (athwartships): 2"
• Hole to Hole (center to center): 1-1/4"
• Hole diameter: 1/2"