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Serpentine Belt 3JH5, 3JH4E, 4JH4E, 4JH5 Yanmar Diesels

Part #: Z5437


Serpentine belt was on the 3JH5, 3JH4E, 4JH4E, and 4JH5 engines as delivered from Yanmar.


Applications include these engines (and the boats that we are aware used these engines... There could be other combinations as well):
• 3JH5 (Catalina 375, Catalina 385)
• 3JH4BE (Catalina 387 Hull 61 & up)
• 4JH4SBE (Catalina 400 Hull 315 & up)
• 4JH4GBE (Catalina 42 Hull 903 & up)
• 4JH5 (Catalina 445)

For other engines, contact tech support at 916/843-1971 with your belt number, boat model, year, engine model, and pump model. We'll special order the belt for you without any special order charges or factory freight. We will also compile the information to assist fellow Catalina sailors in the future.

We carry these parts for your convenience though you may find them elsewhere less expensive due to the manufacturer's restricted distribution.

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