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Face the Coupler to the 1" Shaft

Part #: Z2737
We highly recommend "facing" the prop 1" shaft to the coupler. This is a labor charge for a procedure that guarantees your new prop shaft installation will run smooth without vibration caused by out of alignment parts.
The new unassembled coupler is one or two thousands of an inch undersized and is reamed to the precise inside diameter required for a tight fit with the shaft. In addition, the new unassembled shaft is one or two thousands oversized and is also turned to the precise outside diameter required for a tight fit with the coupler. The entire assembly is then tested on a I-beam straightener. Nine total points are checked with a dial micrometer on both sides of the coupler and along the shaft. If a bad fit is detected, our supplier will start the procedure over with another coupler and shaft to ensure accuracy of fit of the final assembly. The coupler is zinc plated and no machining is done on the exposed areas of the coupler.

Another important service included in the facing procedure is dimpling the shaft for the coupler set screws once the coupler is installed onto the shaft. These dimples prevent the shaft from pulling out of the coupler when the engine is in gear. A shaft ordered without a coupler and facing service must be dimpled in the field to prevent the shaft from pulling out of the coupler during a hard reverse.

For more important information, please read the article Shaft and Coupling Information below before ordering.

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