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Gate Stanchion Only
C-400 w/o Bases

Part #: M9025
Most Catalinas use stanchions with integral welded bases. Larger Catalinas, however, would be too tall to fit under interstate highway overpasses when being transported. The stanchions would hit the bridge! Therefore, some larger Catalinas are equipped with fixed bases and removable stanchions. Drilled and tapped for the base.
The quoted price is for the stanchion only, not including bases

• Tapered main stanchion
• Main stanchion and support stanchions are parallel
• Drilled and tapped for use forward or aft, port or starboard
• Tubing diameter: 1"
• Overall height w/o base: 24-1/2"
• Main stanchion to support stanchion enter to center: 9-1/4"
• Center of top lifeline to center of bottom lifeline: 11-1/2"
• Distance from top of main stanchion to center of weld for support leg: 7-1/2"

Caution! Although we believe this is the correct part for your Catalina 400, be sure to measure carefully to ensure Catalina used this part on your boat. If they run out of a part and their primary vendor can't respond quickly enough, it may have been necessary to substitute a part from a different vendor.

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