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Shackle, D, 3/16" Captive Pin

Part #: Z4166
No Longer Available

D shackles are
optimized for two directions of pull, which makes them great for connecting pieces of gear together (such as your pulleys to the rigging plate, or your rope to the becket of your pulleys). These types of shackles are not good for situations where there are more than two directions of loads because of their geometry. The angled loads place a great deal of stress on the bolt-side of the shackle and can cause premature failure.
This Shackle #Z4699:
• Nominal size: 3/16"
• Pin diameter (A): 5mm / 0.197"
• Outside length (B): 30mm / 1.167"
• Inside length (C): 10mm / 0.395"
• Inside width (D): 10mm / 0.391"
• Safety wire hole: Yes
• Construction: Forged
Captive pin: Yes
• Material: Type 316 stainless steel
Nominal Sizes Available (click to view):
5/32": Z4733
3/16": Z4793 No Longer Available
3/16": Z4813
3/16": Z4703
3/16": Z4744
3/16": Z4699
• 3/16": Z4166
No Longer Available, See comparable shackle Z4699
1/4": Z4700
1/4": Z4702
5/16": Z4701
3/8": Z4696
Compatible with the following brand blocks:
• Seaway, standard equipment on early Catalinas
• Harken
• Garhauer