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Masthead Rebuild Kit, C-350, C-387, C-400, C-42, C-440

Part #: Z4148
Masthead rebuild kit for the Catalina 350, Catalina 387, Catalina 400, Catalina 42 (Sparcraft), and Catalina 440.
In the Catalina 350, Catalina 387, Catalina 400, Catalina 42, and Catalina 440 mastheads there is a pin along with delrin bushings that support the sheaves. There are two sheaves forward and two sheaves aft.

On some mastheads a hollow tube was used as the axle for the sheaves in lieu of the pin and bushings. If that is the case for your masthead, then reuse those tubes, typically a 22 mm outside diameter, and order the replacement sheaves by themselves, part T1961.
Sheaves (4 included):
• Outside diameter: 85 mm (~3 3/8")
• Inside diameter: 22 mm (~7/8")
• Width: 15 mm (5/8")
• Line diameter: 13 mm (~1/2")

Bushings (5 included):
Outside diameter: 22 mm (~7/8")
Inside diameter: 12 mm (~1/2")
Width: 14 mm (~9/16")

Axle pins (2 included):
Outside diameter: 12 mm (~1/2")
Length: 50.5 mm (~2")
Caution: These are the dimensions of the sheaves used in the masthead of the standard mast on the early Catalina 42 with Isomat spars. Owners of Catalina 42's with a furling mast report using the same sheave but with a center bushing machined to 1/2" ID rather than 7/8" ID. The Catalina 400 also used a 1/2" diameter masthead clevis pin. If you need the sheave with 1/2" ID, see part Z3029.

The fifth bushing pictured is used on furling rigs. It is installed over the aft pin to provide a fair lead for the main halyard to connect to the hoist car.