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Steaming Light 39' >

Part #: Z2985
This Aqua Signal series 40 fixture was known to be used on several of the Catalina 42's in conjunction with a separate deck light component shown in the photo below. It has a bright 3 nautical mile range for good visibility.

Two features of this fixture make it handy for maintenance:
• A quick release lever makes it easy to remove the entire fixture from the mast for maintenance. This is particularly helpful when performing maintenance from a bosun's chair. Just flip the lever, remove the fixture and take it on deck for repair.
• There is no need to disassemble the fixture to replace the bulb. Just unscrew the ring on the bottom of the fixture and the entire bulb and socket assembly drops out of the bottom of the fixture.

It is possible, by simply replacing the bulb, to convert this fixture to low amperage draw LED. LED's last far longer than incandescent bulbs and will reduce the number of trips aloft required. See "LED Upgrade Navigation White Light" below under "May we also suggest" for the appropriate LED.
Distance: 2 NM
Coverage: 360°

Height: 5"
Width: 3-1/2"

Type: Incandescent
Watts: 10

US Coast Guard Approved: Yes