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Stern Navigation
Light C-400, C-42

Part #: T1950
Generally used beginning in 1982 through 1998, this Aqua Signal Series 41 fixture may be found mounted to the stern pulpit. It can be mounted to the original welded on pulpit bracket. It has a bright 2 nautical mile range for good visibility.

It is possible, by simply replacing the bulb, to convert this fixture to low amperage draw LED. This makes a huge difference in the drain on your batteries while sailing at night, reducing the nearly 2.5 amp draw to about .1 amp. See the "LED Upgrade" below under "May we also suggest."
Distance: 2 NM
Coverage: 135°

Height: 4-1/8"
Width: 3-5/8"

Type: Incandescent
Watts: 10

US Coast Guard Approved: Yes