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LED Upgrade Navigation White Light

Part #: T1952
Are you stuck between adding more charging capability or more battery capacity? Why not use less power instead! Our new LED navigation light replacement elements use far less power than a conventional incandescent bulb without sacrificing all important visibility to other vessels.
The original equipment Aqua Signal incandescent bulb in the white light fixture is over 2 amps (25 watts) @ 12 volts. The replacement LED bulb is only .1 amps (1 watt) @ 12 volts! The draw is so small that you're unlikely to ever have to run your engine just because of the draw from your navigation lights.

Applications (Stern light: T1950, Steaming light: Z2985, and Retrofit combo light: T1971):
• Catalina 400
• Catalina 42
• Catalina Morgan 440
• Catalina 445
• Catalina 470

Applications (Steaming light: Z4316):
• Catalina 309
• Catalina 320 MkII
• Catalina 350 MkII
• Catalina 355

Applications (Anchor Light: CF0007 (discontinued), Z2986, Series 40, 41, and 50):
• Catalina 375
• Catalina 385
• Catalina 425
• Catalina 445

Applications (Anchor Light: Charleston Spar / Sparcraft Hella series 2984):
• Catalina 400
• Catalina 42
• Catalina 425
• Catalina 470

• Nickel plated brass contacts for corrosion resistance in the marine environment.
• Circuit boards are sealed in a capsule for moisture and environmental protection.
• Dual contact base w/ indexed pins
• Bulb type: Double contact indexed pins
• Voltage: 12v
• Lumens: 90
• Approximate power consumption: 1w (~ .1 amps)
• Approximate incandescent equivalent: 25W (~ 2 amps)

This LED is bi-directional, meaning that it is not polarity sensitive.

1) This bulb is a replacement for the Aqua Signal series 41 and 50 series light as well as Hella series 2984. These fixtures are unique in that the bulb socket is mounted near the top of the fixture to reduce the chance of corrosion The bulb hangs upside down inside of the fixture.

2) Usually the steaming light does not need to be a low draw LED as the motor is running and there is plenty of power, but some opt to upgrade that light as well. This LED will work in the steaming light for boats up to C-355 which only require a 2 NM light output. Larger boats require a 3 NM light output.